Riddhi Siddhi Physiotherapy testimonials

Akash Singh

My first meeting with Dr. Kanika Goel was just a sheer coincidence. Infact it would be better to say that my good luck made me to meet him. I have great passion for football & during a friendly match I pulled my hamstring. Initially I took it very lightly & kept following my daily morning schedule of running. But with in short time it got aggravated to an extent that it started hampering my leg movements & a lot of back pain. It got to worst & started impacting to a level that made difficult for me to even stand for a short duration.

Almost for a period of 2-3 years I kept consulting with many specialists but nothing seemed to be working. One day on advise of a senior doctor I was looking for some special kind of weights to follow his prescription of daily exercise. To get these weights I visited Dr Kanika's clinic which happens to be just opposite to one of Hero Honda showroom where I was on an official visit. After giving me the details of the supplier Dr. Kanika asked me about the purpose. On narrating the entire episode he suggested me to perform 4-5 sets of stretching in his presence & advised me a set of exercises & to discuss in a weeks time. The advise shown some positive results & on next visits he discussed his diagnosis of the issue.

Under his guidance I went for a six months of rehabilitation program & now I am 100% fit.

Riddhi Siddhi Physiotherapy testimonials

Preeti Pandey

Hi, I am Preeti Pandey, I came into contact with Dr. Kanika Goel following my knee arthroscopy back in the year 2015 for the purpose of rehabilitation therapy for my knee and the treatment actually led to true healing and recovery to my utter satisfaction. Since then, I am under his expert guidance and that has enabled me to walk freely. Dr. Kanika has successfully treated many of my injuries like tennis elbow, thumb injury, ankle injury and I am truly thankful to him for the same. Currently, I am doing my rehabilitation after a knee chondroplasty under him. She is well-experienced and highly skilled in getting at the core of the problem and treating an injury by devising the treatment well by incorporating the latest ways and methods for treating an injury. His clinic plays a very crucial part here. It is well-equipped with latest machines and has a sufficiently large area reserved for performing various exercises and is very neatly maintained. And, last but not the least, the staff complements the clinic's greatness well as the staff is polite , supporting and highly efficient.

Riddhi Siddhi Physiotherapy testimonials

Abhinav Gupta

Writing a testimonial for Dr. Chandan Goel is going to be a huge responsibility – after all, I have only a few words and limited space to say what has been deeply heartfelt. I could begin by saying that he is a remarkable doctor – once you are in his able hands, you are most certain to go back with a smile. That his practice is not his profession but his commitment towards each of his patients, and that he’s genuinely concerned – I could go on. But, I’d rather say something which sums up in one line what he means to me and what I owe to him – Dr. Kanika has been the sole reason behind realizing my most revered dream.

In 2016, I underwent a surgery for an ACL tear. In such cases, post-surgery rehab is the most crucial phase, and one ought to be under an intelligent physiotherapist to both ably regenerate the torn tissue and also speed up the process of recovery. It requires rigorous work outs and exercises under watchful eyes. Dr. Kanika took up my case and the challenge of making me fit for selection – a task that looked impossible even to the best of doctors I had been consulting.

Thank you Dr. Chawla.

Riddhi Siddhi Physiotherapy testimonials

Pooja Jain

I have had an extremely satisfying experience at Riddhi Siddhi Physiotherapy Clinic. The clinic helped me get rid of my wrist pain totally. I have felt tremendous relief for my knee and back-ache as well.

Doctors are very professional and scientific in their approach, care for the client’s time and give lots of personal attention. The staff at the clinic is very cooperative and friendly besides being well trained for their work.

I wish Ability Clinic all the success in coming years.

Pooja Jain

Riddhi Siddhi Physiotherapy testimonials

Umang Kaushik

I have visited Dr. Kanika's clinic several times in the past one and a half years. She was highly recommended by friends of mine . Her personal attention and all the exercises that he recommends have helped me in overcoming several back and knee pain related issues. I am still following the exercises that he recommends on an almost daily basis. There were times when i was in acute pain and a visit to his clinic gave me instant relief. The staff and the other physiotherapists at the clinic are also very helpful and the clinic is immaculately clean and well maintained.

Riddhi Siddhi Physiotherapy testimonials

Shrishti Srivastav

When I first went to consult Dr Kanika Chawla at Ability Physiotherapy clinic, I was suffering from a bad knee injury and doubts whether I would ever regain my substantial exercise stamina. My movements were very tentative and painful then. But in the first consultation itself, Dr Kanika no-nonsense assessment of my injury and her empathy made me trust her. Here was a focused doctor, proposing a rehabilitation programme without promising miracles. Undoubtedly, this was a long and arduous climb, but she provoked commitment—something that an injured patient badly needs.

That was 8 months back. Each visit since has made me feel better, stronger, energetic and more convinced of Dr Kanika's ability”. SHe understands the human body with its fragilities and strengths and is more of a healer than just a phys has considerably reduced. I can work out longer and stronger at the gym and hold up 12 hour work days. It will still take a lot before I can run up the stairs in six inch heels but the only way I would follow is Dr Kanika's way.