Bed Ridden Patient

Special Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy Programe For Patients in Coma, Patients Confined to Bed, Patients on Wheel Chair or Walking Difficulty or Disability by Gait Training ( Walking Technique), Balance & Co-ordination Improvement & Spine Strengthning etc ..

There are several reasons for a patient to be bedridden. Fracture of the spine, paralysis, coma, surgery, head injury, trauma, end-of-life care, old age and stroke are some of the situations that force people to become bedridden. Such people require home-based health care services for speedy and good recovery.

These bedridden patients face a variety of practical problems, including non-availability of caregivers, feeling of depression/nervousness, lack of cleanliness & hygiene, bedsores, and high blood pressure, among others. Almost 1/3rd of the patients in the study said they were in urgent need of caregivers or were found to be without adequate care.Most bedridden patients stay at their homes and are looked after by family members. But, over time, it becomes exhausting and takes a toll on the family. In such a scenario, ‘home-based healthcare’ can be of immense help for the bedridden patients as well as the family.