Old-age Physiotherapy

Old Age Physiotherapy Provides General Mobility & Body Strength to The Old Age People & Relieve Body Pain for Improving Lifestyle in Old Age. Our Physiotherapists work with All Ages from Premature Babies to Older Adults To Make Life Easier, Pain Free & Free From Disease & Disablity.

Working with older people can present the physiotherapist with a set of challenges unparalleled in other areas of practice. The caseload is very mixed; patients with musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiovascular problems may all be found in a single caseload and often in the same patient. Interlinking between medical, psychological, rehabilitative, economic and social problems that all need attention is the norm, rather than the exception. Add to these the differences in presentation of disease, the unique pattern of ageing in each individual, and the varying responses that older people may demonstrate, and the complexity of the challenge is obvious.